Brand image has many facets. Your logo and customer’s experience are just part of the equation. The photos you share on your website and social media play another large roll. They are often the first impression potential clients have on the quality of your service and your attention to detail. Ditch the cell phone or point and shoot camera and invest in professional photography.

Hazel Media specializes in interior photography, architectural photography, commercial photography, and real estate photography. So if you design, build or create something, we can get that product or service looking it’s best in front of potential future clients! Take pride in what you do and showcase your work through attention grabbing, professional building photos!

Our goal is to provide you with images that showcase your product or service, not our art. We want your prospective customers to say, “Wow! This is a quality business. Let’s see what they can do for us.” We love creating art and using unique editing styles, but we want your work to be the center of attention.
Do your images truly reflect the passion and effort that went into your business? Do they say that you take pride in your work and that it isn’t just another project on the books? There are many components needed for successful marketing and our high-quality images edited for online and print are a great place to start.
Increase your bottom dollar by booking higher paying projects. With our captivating high-quality images, prospective customers recognize the value of your projects or listings.
Do you want to book the higher paying clients? Your images may be keeping you from going to the next level in sales. Don’t let low quality images hold your business back!


  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Contractors
  • Interior Designers
  • Realtors
  • Home Owners
  • Retailers
  • Manufacturers
  • If you make, design or sell something, we can help you show potential clients how great your work is through photos!


Mark Joseph, Real Estate Photographer, Wisconsin Real Estate Photographer, La Crosse Wisconsin Real Estate Photographer, Commercial Photographer, Wisconsin Commercial Photographer, La Crosse Wisconsin Commercial Photographer, Architectural Photographer, Wisconsin Architectural Photographer, La Crosse Wisconsin Architectural Photographer


While completing his degree in Graphic Design, Mark began to develop a strong passion for photography (no, he wasn’t born with a camera in his hand like so many photographers claim!). He recognized the critical role of photography in communications and he devoured every available resource to get a firm grasp of the medium – understanding the ins and outs of creating and capturing images and then pushing them to the next level with the newest digital tools. His analytical and studious personality (INTP for those Myers Brigg’s fans) gives him the ability to approach every photo shoot as a  unique challenge and a story to be discovered.

Amber Joseph, Hazel Media


Amber’s background is in retail and marketing. She loves being a part of growing companies and takes pride in seeing them flourish with her help. Amber developed a keen interest in photography and videography through her work in retail electronics. Her focus today is on marketing, business administration and customer service for Hazel Media, the business that she and Mark own and operate together.


Our web site is so much more interesting since you have been providing us with wonderful after shots of some of the projects we have completed. I think the thing I noticed most about the photos you produce is that your work makes our projects look just like the projects featured on Houzz!! This quality and professionalism makes our projects comparable to any work in the country. And one other subject is worth mentioning….it is very easy for us to work with your company. So thank you for the exemplary work you provide our company. It’s a pleasure working with you.
I believe [quality photos] are a huge part of the success in selling our home. Pictures of this quality also help when looking for a new home. We get very frustrated when looking at new homes on different websites and the pictures are of poor quality. I’m sure we pass over some of them, because they are so poorly represented. My wife and I always look for a realtor that uses professional photography/photographers.
Randy G.

Those [photos} turned out amazing.  I have shown them to everyone on our team and we are unbelievably impressed!

You guys are extremely good at what you do!

Bryce C.