Project Description

There is just something fascinating about a real, hard copy book. Technology is doing it’s best to replace printed books, but I’m not so sure it will win. Book stores and libraries are so unique. Each one having a complete different look and feel, yet all have one thing in common, the love of putting a tangible book into the hands of readers. Professional book store and library photography will help in your marketing efforts to draw in customers and patrons and to get books into the hands of more readers!

Holmen Library Booth Seating
Holmen Library Conference Rooms
Holmen Library Seating with Windows
Library Seating with Brick Wall and Scone Lights
Holmen Library Seating and Fireplace
Holmen Library Service Desk
Holmen Library Entrance_Service Desk_Windows
Library Photography
Holmen Library Common Area with Windows and lighting
Libary Lobby Photography
Library Lounge Photography
Library Collection Photography
Library Seating Photography
Library Reading Area Photography
Library spaces photography
Library images
Library architecture photography
Viroqua Library architectural angles
Library Shelves Photos
Library Interior Photos
Library Seating Photos